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  • What areas do you serve? I am based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I often travel to the surrounding areas including Washington D.C. and Annapolis, MD! I am open to traveling to other places as well, just ask!

  • Do you watermark your photos? No, I do not watermark the photos I send to you. They are memories for you to cherish, and they don't need my name scribbled all over them! That being said, if you share the images online, please tag me, my social media pages, or my website in the post.

  • Do you travel? I have no problem with traveling to a certain degree. I will charge for the gas/travel expenses that I spend to get to you if it is out of my area. Email me for specifics!
  • How do you collect payment? I can send you an invoice through my secure PayPal account or I will accept cash/checks made out  to me at the time of the photo session (email for specifics).
  • How are the images delivered? All edited photos from your session will be delivered digitally for you to download. 
  • How long are your sessions and how many images come with it? My most typical session is a 1-hour long session at sunset. Each session differs, but I will usually be able to provide 75+ edited images from each session.
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