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Katherine & Blake | Chrysler Museum of Art | Norfolk Engagement Session

What can I even say about these two awesome people?!

Their Norfolk wedding is right around the corner, but they both live out of state and drove all the way here to do their engagement session with me. To say it was an honor would be an understatement. I feel like they stepped right out of the silver screen. They were so kind and fun to spend time with! We loved walking around the outer perimeter of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. The hour I spent with them made me even more excited for their May wedding!!!

If you have the opportunity to do an engagement session with your wedding it! That is one of the biggest regrets I have is not taking the time when my guy was in town on leave to do an engagement session with our wedding photographer. She was great to work with the day-of the wedding, but I feel like we both would have been more comfortable and at ease on our wedding day if we had taken her advice and done an engagement session with her prior! It is so nice being able to get to work with and just shoot the breeze with the person you will be relying on to capture such special moments on your wedding day.

As a photographer, it is such a wonderful opportunity to see how the couple interacts, what they are comfortable with, and which of their photos they like best before the wedding rolls around!! Most of my weddings have not been coupled with an engagement session, and they are 100% amazing anyway! So if you are unable to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer, DO NOT SWEAT IT! I just think if you have the chance to do one (especially if it is complimentary to whatever package you book), you should do it!!! :)




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