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Nick & Hannah | A Fort Wayne Summer Wedding

I cannot say enough good things about this couple and their families! What a sweet journey it has been for them, and I feel so lucky to have been able to photograph their engagement and then their wonderful wedding day!!!

I write this blog as I wait what seems like hours for all of the photos in their gallery to export and upload... all 1,300+ of them. Oops! ;) I won't be posting ALL of them, but man! I have to share some of these with you!!!

The girls started the morning getting ready in a darling little boutique in downtown Fort Wayne! Everyone was so excited and the stylists running the show were so kind! I always love when I get to meet the party as they are getting ready. It is so fun!

We had planned on going straight to the church to finish getting ready and take some portraits before the ceremony, but it was SO hot that day that we opted to not melt completely before the Mass began. ;) I really do think that had to be a heat record that weekend, phew!!! You can plan everything out to the minute, but sometimes you just have to roll with what the weather dictates! We did make sure to get in the father-daughter first-look prior to the ceremony though...oh my gosh. Tears.

The Mass was absolutely lovely. The groom's cousin celebrated the Mass and was able to be the one to marry them, which I think may have been one of the coolest parts of the day!!!

Their reception was also held downtown Fort Wayne at the History Center and what a venue that was!! Absolutely gorgeous. And we were in a perfect place to get some wonderful couple photos right in the middle of town...and the street. Hehe!

I hope you love browsing through this beautiful couple's wedding day!!!! Lots of love to the Boratenskis!!!!!