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Alfonso Family | Virginia Beach Sunrise

I had such a blast with this darling family this morning that I had to take a little break from my regularly-scheduled editing to make a couple quick edits in order to create a post about them!!!!! They were just so sweet and got up at the crack of dawn to meet me in time to hike to our location for the sunrise...and it was a littttttle more muddy and wet than any of us were expecting! (Thanks to the insane amount of rain we've been getting...oops). But the rockstar mama made the trek through the squishy sand and puddles to the field in her gorgeous pumps...I was so impressed! And MAN was it worth it! Their little girl was absolutely precious... she wasn't interested in getting her photos taken for most of it (who would be when you have a new place to explore?!) but she was smiling basically the whole it made my job easy! What a doll!

Anyway...enough of my blabbering...enjoy looking at these darling smiles!!!!

Thank you for reading my post!!!

Lots of love,



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