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Green Family Homecoming | Oceana Naval Base

Military homecomings will always get me!!! Ahhh. This afternoon spent waiting on a plane was so emotionally moving and their reunion was just epic! I am so so happy that I get to capture happy moments like this so often! I am so grateful. :)

This family parted this winter when their baby boy was only about a month old with the expectation of being reunited in just a couple of months. Seven months later due to COVID delays, they finally had a homecoming date!!

We were dodging rain drops all afternoon (mostly unsuccessful with the "dodging" part)! It was pouring on our way to base, stopped as soon as we got indoors, and then right as they started landing, it started pouring of course! But I think the rain can be extra romantic. ;) Also, how on earth does this family look so precious even when completely soaked?!

Anyway, if you need a good cry today...keep scrolling. Your heart will be melted.

Welcome home!!!!!

Much love,



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